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Many people wonder whether or not they truly have gout.  The pain is there, but they don’t know whether it is simply arthritis or possibly a sprained ankle or tendonitis.

So how can one tell if they are having gout symptoms or other problems?

Many gout attacks come on suddenly, usually at night, without injury.  Sometimes, however, to be honest you can bring on a gout attack by “jarring” or overworking a weak joint, especially if you are overweight.  I have had this happen to me on several occasions and that is why I am very careful when I exercise not to over do it.

Try to remember when your attack came on and whether you injured yourself or not.  It can give you a good idea on whether you have gout or not.  On the bright side, many of the treatments for tendonitis, arthritis, and gout are similar.

Usually, an injury does have swelling and pain, but not a “fiery” pain.  So if your pain is fiery and continues to get worse, then you most likely have gout.

We will continue more on this on my next post.

Stay healthy!

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