Remedies for Gout | What Gout Foods to Avoid|Part 1


What Gout Foods to Avoid|Part 1

In my last post about what causes gout I talked about the factors that cause gout.

One of the factors was high purine foods.  What foods are considered to be high in purines and do you have to avoid all of them?

Each individual is different.  Some can eat some foods, some can’t eat any foods that have high purine content.  Ultimately, you will have to experiment.  I suggest in moderation.  I have found food over time that has caused gout that initially did not bother me.  However, I eat a lot of chicken which is high in purines.  I have never had a gout attack by eating chicken, however, I know people who have terrible attacks if they eat chicken so again, experiment.

One of the worst foods that can cause gout and you should avoid is beef.  Especially hamburger.  Lower quality hamburger is often made out of the leftovers of the animal such as organ meats.  Organ meats are especially noted to be high in purines so if you are going to have a hamburger, make sure it is not from organ meat and make sure it is high quality and lean.

Turkey,  well, happy thanksgiving!  Turkey is noted for being high in purines.  For me, if I eat a lot of leftovers I will usually get an attack, however, if I just eat moderately on thanksgiving, I usually have no problem.  Again, it is person specific.

The worst food for me personally unfortunately is venison.  Any game meat such as pheasant, grouse, rabbit, venison is considered high in purines.  Before I found out venison was bad for gout, I was given some by a friend and went to town because I was tired of eating chicken.  I was going to replace it with beef.  That was a big mistake.  It took me two weeks to figure out where my attack originated.  It took me two more weeks and a cortisone shot to get rid of my gout pain.  It was in my left wrist.

Next post, I will give you more foods to avoid so you can prevent gout attacks.


Comment from trevor
Time: February 24, 2009, 2:41 am

the most accurate description , certainly in my case .
keep well , regards trevor

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