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Gout-Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog on gout.  This blog will be showing all the information I have found on gout and also any news I come across.  I have successfully overcome gout and rarely have an attack anymore.  This blog will help show you how you can lessen your frequency of attacks and how you can use treatments and remedies safely to get rid of this painful disease.



Comment from Eunice Richter
Time: February 7, 2009, 8:42 pm

I like your approach to the problem – we’re all different and respond differently. Yeast is the biggee for me. I have a problem with about everything known to cause gout. However, if I eat many of these foods in small enough amounts I can manage to eat a pretty good variety.

At the present time I’m trying to find some type of sausage that I can have for breakfast. Some time ago I found I could have two Wilshire Farms Lil Smakies w/o very much of a problem. Would chicken or turkey with the beef make an even better sausage?

I got gout after taking Lasix and was in terrible pain. I put in months of excruciating pain before I discovered that in addition to avoiding gout causing foods I must also avoid anything containing HFCS and other artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners were the cause of the nerve pain I was having. The gout pain has been limited, I think, to the large toe of my left foot.

I now prepare all my meals even though I live in a retirement home. I think all the food service companies have bought into the idea that HFCS is just another sugar. It isn’t. And it appears in just about everything.

I’d appreciate your opinion about sausage ingredients. Thanks, Eunice

Comment from medic
Time: February 10, 2009, 11:27 am


Thanks for stopping by. I have never tried chicken sausage, but I have tried turkey sausage in small amounts.

You mentioned taking Lasix and getting an attack. Lasix is a diuretic, sometimes I have to give people it in my day job. Diuretics can help initiate an attack by increasing the percentage of uric acid in your joints. Water is essential in beating gout and Lasix helps get rid of water. Lasix sometimes has bad interactions with gout medications, so check with your doctor.

HFCS is simply bad stuff. I am not as strict as I should be, but I eat a lot of organic foods simply because of the HFCS. Now if I could just get over my addiction to pop 🙂 Pop is not good for gout. In fact, studies show it increases your risk for gout. Fortunately, I have still been gout free.

If you are interested, I have more information about gout on my other blog Gout Treatments.

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